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Lithium battery, also known as LiFePO4 batteries, is better than standard AGM or lead-acid batteries. It has been well established as safe and suitable for many both indoor and outdoor uses. When you're going camping a lithium battery (or LiFePO4) is capable of providing all your energy needs. Coupled with its ability to recharge with a solar panel set up, it can power all your devices and other electrical equipment. Our batteries have been selected because of their excellent capabilities, their long life, and durability.

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These batteries have been designed to be used on multiple platforms such as 4WD, RV, camp in an outdoor environment. They are damage resistant, waterproof, and can offer 12V at a constant discharge rate, which means you won’t see a drop in power. They are more capable than any lead-acid battery. While the power delivery may be approximately the same, with lithium batteries your camping site will be safe from acid spills and are lightweight in comparison. Lithium batteries are easily rechargeable using many solar panels. They are safe to use even on the most extreme of summer days, with operational temperatures of 60C before you’ll start to see any problems occurring (45C when stored). A lithium battery has a zero-maintenance requirement, which places it soundly above the usual lead-acid battery that you may have needed to use on your last camping trip. All you need to do is recharge the battery if it gets low during use, but with free power available from the sun, a full charge is never that far away. With the right connections, you can even charge the battery while you’re driving. Most camper trailers and caravans use gas or gas/electric appliances, however, if you’re not staying where electricity is available, you’ll need to rely on your gas fridge to keep your food cool. While this is a suitable arrangement, gas can run out, however with the right connectors you can hook the fridge up to a lithium battery and keep everything cold. The battery will last be depending on how it is used and what appliances are drawing the power. Some models have LCD readouts for the amount of power remaining. This is very handy if the day is coming to a close and you need to know if you have enough power to get through the night. Although for the best protection, you can run most lithium batteries in a series and boost the time that they can run for before needing a recharge. A lithium battery should be the key to any battery management system, especially if you are going for long periods without any electricity, but you need it for the recharging of electronic devices. Most people won’t go camping without their mobile phones as a staple part of the kit. If you go camping with your family, consider their needs and what is required to keep them entertained (nothing can ruin your time like a bored 12-year-old!). By calculating how much charge and discharge is required you’ll be able to determine how many batteries you need to power all your devices successfully. The LiFePO4 lithium battery can provide power for all manner of off-road vehicles and caravans, it is suitable for portable fridges and washing machines. It is the perfect accompaniment for any camping trip designed to get away from it all, but still, have power available. They are one of the safest ways to power your site, not as volatile as gas, and not as potentially hazardous as lead-acid batteries. It is lightweight when compared to many other options, weighing in at only 9.5kg and having built-in carry handles, which can make moving around the campsite easily. What Is the Difference Between A Lithium Battery and A Lithium-Ion Battery? A LiFePO4 battery is more stable than lithium-ion batteries such as those found inside laptops and other small rechargeable electronic devices. The lithium iron phosphate battery has a longer lifespan and recharges faster. Which makes it perfect for camping, and recharging using solar panels. We have suitable lithium battery solar panels in our shop, you can use either fixed, folding, flexible, blankets, and mini versions for all your charging needs. A lithium-ion battery was well known, at least among its makers, for having short lifespans. Often, they would start to degrade noticeably after only a year of regular use and it turned many people away from using them. Fortunately, lithium batteries have become a lot better as the technology has advanced, and this led to the development of better modes, and one of those was the LiFePO4 battery. How Long Does A Lithium Battery Last? Our LiFePO4 batteries have been designed with cell balancing. This results in an increase in the overall life span of the lithium battery as it uses an onboard battery management system to control the charge and discharge rate. With regular use of LiFePO4 batteries, you can expect to get at least seven years of use before seeing a noticeable decrease in power availability and degradation of the internal cells. They have been tested under a variety of conditions and are deemed safe from leaking, explosion, and overheating. Are Lithium Batteries Dangerous? Standard lithium batteries, like the one you find in phones, have been known to get hot, and in the right (or wrong) conditions, explode. However, our batteries use lithium iron phosphate for their internal workings, and while still described as lithium batteries, they work in a very different way. Our batteries are waterproof and require no maintenance, and they are stored in a durable and damage-resistant box. LiFePO4 batteries are incredibly safe, they are light and available for a variety of uses. Using one is arguably the safest way to provide power for your camping trip. They don’t heat up when charging and discharging and can provide a continued and consistent energy source until the last volt is drained. By using the LCD display on many of our batteries you’ll always be in charge (no pun intended) of the availability of power in your campsite. With many lead-acid batteries, you’ll either need to keep them topped up with water, which can expose you to acid, and guess at how much power is remaining before they can be recharged. With a lithium battery, the power is in your hands as every step of the day! Buying Your LiFePO4 Battery At RollingCart we have a variety of lithium batteries, and other power options suitable for all manner of camping and outdoor activities. They are suitable for use in campers, caravans, or even ordinary tents. They can be used for many different appliances and to recharge many electronic devices. There are several options available for your power needs some of these include, inverter generators and power stations. Whichever option you select, having access to a quality power source can make the difference between a good weekend away and a great one.